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Here at AWP we’re big fans of community, creativity and collaboration. That’s why we’re always keen to support our local community and the wealth of young, up-and-coming, female artists it brings. We recently had the chance to collaborate with the incredible graduate artist and set designer, Anna Minchell, to create some beautiful images of our new SS19 collection. We caught up with Anna to get to know the artist behind the work a little better...




Tell us a little about yourself Anna...

I’ve been based in London now for nearly 5 years, I moved here to study Textile Design at UAL Chelsea College of Art in which my work become more sculptural. Since graduating I’ve worked freelance across Set- design and recently started doing visual merchandising but hoping to push my career more towards Prop making.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

A lot of galleries and museums! Starting from an interest in curation, it filtered off into exhibition design, how they’re installed, the way they’re displayed, how the display itself is integrated into the work and almost forms part of it. I find it interesting that with prop design, my work and various designers can interact with each other.




Which challenges have you faced up to now with regards to work, creativity and finding your place in your desired industry?

Transitioning from studying to work was difficult. I think my work at uni was quite self indulgent and then starting to work in the industry there's aspects you have to adapt to, like vision and ways of working, but they’re all great learning experiences. Getting a foot in the door is hard and keeping the creativity going and balancing being able to live in London, I’m only really just at the beginning! But it's exciting to be collaborating with brands like AWP.



Fashion, hairband, accessories, summer, jewellery,


Where in London do you go for inspiration?

Again, probably exhibitions! The way in which artists, curators and designers work within the space itself, as well as with each other. I’m really interested in seeing how the work completely changes and adapts to its surroundings and architecture. This interaction is really interesting in terms of how it can change, as well as when two things interact they change.



Earrings, accessories, resin, summer, fashion


Do you have a favourite artist?

I don’t have a favourite artist! I’m inspired by lots of artists, designers, theorists and it’s always changing! Recently I really enjoyed the Phyllida Barlow exhibit at The Ra, ‘cul-de-sac’. I’ve always liked the way that she works, in encouraging mistakes and accidents and allowing these to accumulate in the sculptures themselves. This is a way in which I also like to work - using chance and happy mistakes.




Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’d like to establish myself more in prop making/installation design and hope to continue to collaborate more with great brands and people!




Thank you again to Anna for collaborating with us and designing sets that so beautifully capture the spirit of AWP and our SS19 collection. We can’t wait to share the images with everyone - watch this space!

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