Winter Nail Manicure Routine: Revitalise. Colour. Care


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By Meghan Mansfield

The switch to colder weather and frequent hand washing has left my hands very dry, and I have noticed my nails suffering too. To help improve my skin and nail health, I have added some new steps to my manicure routine. Follow these simple at-home tips and say goodbye to dry skin and dull looking nails.



Before painting my nails, once I have washed my hands, I follow this up with an exfoliation. I love using ‘Super Healthy Skin Body Polish” from Beauty Pie. It has a very fine texture and I focus on rubbing this around my knuckles, finger sides and working into the the skin around the nails and cuticle area. It smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling very soft and hydrated. 




Next I perform my usual nail prep, filing the free edge and thorough cuticle removal, for this I use my Navy Pro Tools. These are very sharp, for professional use and have amazing results but I recommend only gently pushing this area back at home and not attempting to cut any skin, as you may cause damage to this delicate area. You can lightly buff over the nail with a fine grit file to even the surface and create a texture for the polish to grip.

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To prevent staining and create an even base, also helping nail polish adhere, it is so important to apply base coat. Using A Weathered Penny Revitalising Base Coat, with added vitamins, this will ensure your nails are left hydrated and nourished, adding a strengthening coat to help nail growth. This base coat dries impressively quick, so by the time you have painted the 10th finger, you will be ready to apply the colour to the first finger.


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I always take extra care when applying base coat, as this will be the template for the colour.


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Once complete, pick your colour of choice, I am in love with the deepest warm tone of Umber and the contrast it has against my pale skin tone. It applies beautifully, such an intense pigment that only two thin coats are needed. Allow around ten minutes between coats to dry to prevent any dents or smudging later on. 


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Make sure the two coats are dry, they may feel a little tacky but as long as it wasn’t too thick, you will be okay to apply the top coat. Always use a top coat - it will accentuate the depth of colour and give a great finish, glossing any streaks, as well as making your mani last longer.


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The A Weathered Penny Super Dry Top Coat helps protect the colour, making it look great days later. It also dries very fast so you can carrying on with other life bits and not worry about smudging.


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To finish I massage Weleda Skin Food Original into the back Of my handsIt visibly transforms my hands straight away and the effect lasts for hours. I always finish with Navy cuticle balm, or an oil to help prolong my polish too.


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Remember to wear gloves during washing up and any cleaning as this will help protect your skin and nails, giving you extra wear from your polish too.



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