The Gift Edit. My Wishlist: By Monique Brown




Monique Brown is the founder of Affirmation Culture, a conscientious brand producing ethically made, all natural candles that encourage self-care, empowerment and inner peace through the power of positive affirmations. I first met Monique back in 2018 during a show and what struck me first (besides her beautiful brand and products) was her positivity. She's a wonderful person doing all the right things, including sharing a percentage of her product sales to charity. So with this in mind I couldn't wait to see which gifts are on Monique's wishlist this Christmas and share these with you. Introducing The Gift Edit by Monique Brown.


By Monique Brown



Gift 1: Envelope Belt Bag - A Weathered Penny




This bag is absolutely perfect for any modern busy person. I love the super stylish belt bag design and the beautiful natural tones it comes in. I love this bag!




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Gift 2: The Healing Bar - Tanaka Soap




This Healing Soap Bar from Tanaka is gorgeous. I am trying to move away from products packaged in plastic so I love the range.




The natural ingredients leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and nourished, and the scent of frankincense is perfect for calm and tranquility.

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Gift 3: Idan Oil - Liha



I can't get enough of this super luxe body oil from Liha. I love coconut oil for skin, and this blend of coconut oil and Tuberose flower smells devine! This feels like the ultimate self-care treat after a relaxing bath or calming shower.

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Gift 4: Soul Mate Affirmation Candle - Affirmation Culture 




I can't get enough of candles, I love burning them no matter what time of year but especially in the winter months. The Soul Mate candle from Affirmation Culture is a blend of organic lavender, rose and neroli oil which is so relaxing and smells gorgeous! I love it comes with a positive affirmation card and that it donates to mental health charities.




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