The Gift Edit. My Wishlist: By Donna Howell


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We've followed Donna since we started our own Instagram business account back in 2014. During this time, Donna has been a huge supporter of our brand and all round friend. Donna is the creative director at Kin Home & Lifestyle store and knows trends, style, interiors, fashion and much, much more (Just follow her Instagram for all her creative incredibleness). With all this in mind, I couldn't wait to see which pieces Donna would choose for her wishlist this year. Introducing The Gift Edit by Donna Howell.


By Donna Howell



Gift 1: Perfumer H Candle Moss




I’m a huge fan of perfumer Lyn Harris whose store and lab is located in Marylebone. A luxury candle is always pretty high on my Christmas wish-list and I have wanted to try one of Lyn’s candles for a long time now.

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Gift 2: Maya Njie Eau de Parfum - Tobak

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I first met Maya at a the Bazaar London pop up a couple of years ago and instantly fell in love with her scents.  The blends are mixed in small fresh batches, filtered and bottled individually by hand. Tobak with it’s sweet smoky notes of tobacco leaf, vetiver, and warm hints of cinnamon is the perfect winter scent.

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Gift 3: Hernán Herdez’s Vuelta earring - Jeryco Store




I adore jewellery by the NY designer Hernán Herdez and luckily Anna, founder of Jeryco, has curated the best jewellery store featuring collections from talented independent designers around the world.




Championing jewellery that uses recycled or ethical-sourced materials, every piece is sustainably made and created entirely by hand in intimate studios and local workshops.

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Gift 4: Cream Colour Dry Waxed Duster Coat - Freight




I adore Freight. They strive to produce items that can be made in the UK. The Duster Coat is shower proof and is so versatile I can wear all year round dressed up or down.

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Gift 5: A Weathered Penny - Nail Polish Fern




I have been wearing the toxic free, cruelty free, vegan friendly Nail Polish for over a year now. My absolute favourite has to be Fern but I also have my eye on Umber and the new base coat and super dry top coat.

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I love that as part of their growing commitment to sustainability, that have partnered with One Tree Planted & that they plant a tree with every online order.

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Gift 5: Attire Care Garment Spray Prima




I love looking after my clothes to ensure they last longer. A brand i’ve been using for over a year now is Attire Care. I love their delicate wash and fabric softener but adore their garment spray.

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Gift 6: Polly Yates Anne Candle Holder




Polly is a Chicago-based ceramic artist who combines coiling and pinching to build curvaceous vessels.



I have been obsessed with Polly’s work for some time having discovered her through Instagram and
more recently joining a virtual tour of her studio through a Toast workshop. I love to collect timeless ceramics and the Anne candle holder is top of my list.

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