Style your Zoom: Clocking in, from the waist up


Due to the current circumstances, some of us are spending a large proportion of our day having virtual meetings. As you will only be seen from the waist up, you only need to get half dressed! We've put together some accessories to help you style your way through those Zoom meetings... You're welcome.


9am - Check in with your Boss




Open those curtains! Your boss is about to ring and discuss today's tasks. Are you ready for the day? It's time to look smart and stylish. The key thing to remember here is only the top half of you needs to look presentable. You're welcome to keep those PJ bottoms on. A pair of statement earrings are a great way of sprucing up an outfit and show you mean business. How about our new eco-friendly Alexa Earrings in Russet?  




11am - Client Meeting



It's nearly time for your next Zoom call, you start to reposition the decor in your room to illustrate a nice background as you want to leave a good impression. You hide your washing and all the mugs that have accumulated around your workspace. You realise your room is lacking a nice vase to spruce up your surroundings. A Weathered Penny curates a selection of beautiful homewares, why not add some home accessories to brighten your surroundings?




I hope you're still in your PJ bottoms. Is it lunch time yet?...


1pm - Lunch Break, FINALLY!




Lunch time! - The best part of the day. You've finished eating and it's time to take some well deserved time out. It's important to take a proper break away from your working area. Why not take some time to paint your nails! The A Weathered Penny Oat Nail Polish will calm your mood and prepare you for a productive afternoon.




3pm - Friend Calls


A welcome distraction, your friend calls for a catch up. They ask you if you've read the latest Cereal Magazine? Where can I buy it I hear you ask? Well look no further, Cereal Magazine is a firm favourite at A Weathered Penny HQ and now available online. Now back to work...


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5pm - Colleague Question




You've had a busy afternoon, when your colleague has one last question for you... However you can't find your phone anywhere?! It must be in the Kitchen, when you went to sneak a biscuit earlier. To avoid this happening again, why not make sure your Phone is always to hand with our lovely phone pouch. It's practical and adds another element to your outfit. Plus you won't need to stand up and hunt around for it on screen showing your dinosaur PJ bottoms. I hope you've had a productive day!





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Please continue to support small businesses wherever and whenever you can during this difficult time. Thank you for all your continued support.


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