Small Business Saturday: 5 simple ways to support small, without spending a penny.


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I may be preaching to the choir, but supporting small businesses doesn't always have to = buying from them. You may be thinking that sounds a little counter productive for a small business owner to say, but the truth is there is a multitude of ways to support small brands, without having to spend a penny.

Here a 5 incredibly effective and simple ways to support your favourite independent businesses this Small Business Saturday and beyond.



Write a nice review

The best part of any small business is knowing that there are makers & artists creating, crafting, building and working around the clock to ensure they provide the best possible products, experience and customer service. If you love your purchase and found the customer service matched your expectations, let everyone know. Leave a review either on their website, or google.

If you experienced less than what you anticipated, remember, most of the time someone working very hard made a simple mistake and through my own personal experience, small businesses will swiftly resolve the issue.

In just one minute you can drastically help our business get recognised easier on Google.

Leave a Google review here



Like, comment and share posts

The Instagram algorithm in particular has made it very challenging for small businesses to reach their followers and share their story. If you pass by one of your favourite small brands, hit the like button, comment or share to help them reach a wider audience. For example, 23k people have chosen to follow us, yet some of our posts now only reach 150 people.

Follow our journey on social and discover which small businesses we are supporting this year.

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Spread the word...

A great way for your favourite brands to reach new followers relies heavily on word of mouth. Wearing your favourite new nail polish or dress? Tell your friends and family where you got it from and why you love it.



Think outside the Amazon

Life is busy and sometimes the easiest and quickest option may seem like the best. However, if you can take time to research the particular item you want, you may often discover a better option via a small business. Google the product name followed by small business. Head to Instagram and search using hashtags. There's a whole world of small brands with incredible products at fair value waiting to be discovered.



Bookmark, save, forward & wishlists

When browsing social media and you see something you like, bookmark, save, forward or create a wishlist in your browser or app, so when the time comes round to being gifted or gift, you have a fabulous list of items from small businesses.

Did you know saving items on Instagram can boost the post and it'll appear in more peoples feeds? Two birds, with one bookmark.



Important last words

Know that when shopping with us or any small business, the money you spent on your purchase isn't go into the pockets of a billionaire CEO. Instead, small business owners will always re-invest back into the business, new products, the community, charities, staff and any aspect that improves your all-round experience with them.





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