Sketch to Sample: How we created our first ever bag collection



It's early Friday morning in January 2019, I'm sitting in the studio looking at my sketch book and I'm telling myself if you never jump, you never land. For sometime now I'd thought about introducing a new product to our collections, but the idea of tripling the teams workload, increasing pressure on my team, in addition to learning an entirely new craft left me seriously doubting the potential to add a new product line to sit alongside our jewellery collection.

That's 'ok' I said to myself - It's fine to never land I suppose, jumping isn't that fun anyway.




No! I want to learn a new craft. Push myself. Push my team. Passion. I'm excited and so is my team! Screw it! Let's do this. Why the hell not! Before I knew it i'd drawn a circle with something that resembled a strap, added some shading and the rest as they say is history (and for that first sketched out design, a place in the recycled bin).

I'd jumped and had no idea where we would land at this time, however I was excited and so were my amazing team. Between, during and after the first sketch, second sample, many iterations and final product there would be the most exciting and craziest experience.




The new collection had to have everyday purpose, continue our design led approach and finally, be crafted in the finest materials. Turns out you can essentially make a bag from almost anything, but what was important was to use a material that would last, embrace sustainability and stand the test of time.

immediately I went to a leather substitute, seemed obvious at the time! However, upon researching vegan leather, to my surprise it turned out vegan leather is largely made of plastic (PVC). Instead we discovered a leather which is ethically produced and vegetable tanned. Importantly, the bags would stand the test of time, meaning more sustainability and ensuring the owner would only need one bag for the next decade and beyond. We had our material. Next, we needed to bring the bags to life.




After extensive research, introductions and meetings, we found a humble bunch of folk in London prepared to take on our brief. Much closer to home than we expected, alongside my team, our newly discovered skilled partners began crafting the new collection. 




It's August now and during the process we began to test the bags, trialling them out in everyday life. There were changes along the way, alterations to the gusset and stronger hardware was required for safety purposes, all of which unfortunately meant delaying the launch.

Everyone can relate to wanting to release a new collection on time, however my team and I had put so much effort and work into the project, ensuring the bags were perfect for everyone felt like the right thing to-do and so we delayed launching for a few months.


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This delay meant we were able to take more time to correct a few style and sizing issues before launching the collection. In the end I couldn't be more happier and excited! Everyone involved has worked tirelessly and I will forever be grateful for all their hard work.

From everyone involved we hope you love the collection a much as we'd hoped for. Real care, time and love has gone into sketching, designing and crafting the new line.

Our made to last bag collection is available to explore online. Enjoy!




If you never jump, you never land.




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