Six wellbeing products to keep you & your home relaxed


Time to bring the feeling and scent of the outdoors inside with six products we love. As the daily stresses we carry outside of our home now find their way in, be sure to take time, calm the senses, relax, reduce anxiety and awaken the senses with six handy products we love from independent brands.


Eym, The Uplifting One Candle 




We have always loved eym's products. The Uplifting One candle is an uplifting and clarifying scent, featuring orange, bergamot & black pepper essential oils. Aromatherapy Benefits include: Energising, which helps to improve cognitive function and reduce stress.

Burn time lasts around 50 hours and it's important to burn for a minimum of 2 hours, as natural candles have no booster chemicals, so need some time to spread their scent. SHOP


Holy Water, Sea Bath Soak




Sprinkle a handful of these beautiful salts into a steaming bath tub and let the ingredients get to work. Ingredients include: Dead Sea salt, Foraged Atlantic kelp, Beer Beach bladderwrack, French green clay, Peppermint essential oil. Smells like: An ocean dip - perfect for escaping the indoors. SHOP


Attirecare, Pillow Mist 'Cedarwood & Lavender'




As we all look to relieve stress and anxiety at this time, the Attirecare Pillow Mist spray is designed to ensure you always get a good nights sleep. The pillow mist contains essential oils of Cedarwood and Lavender and this perfect blend creates a calm and soothing atmosphere. 

Cedarwood Essential Oil - Cedarwood has natural sedative properties to combat insomnia, the aroma elevates through the room and encourages restful sleep and a peaceful mind.

Lavender Essential Oil - Lavender has natural antibacterial properties which will help remove smells and kill bacteria off the pillow and bedding. SHOP


Cedar, Black Amber & Lavender Candle




This soothing scent is perfect for a relaxing evening in or for when you need to just take a moment to unwind. Notes: Lemon, BergamotMiddle Notes: Lavender, Clary SaBase Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Amber

This soy wax candle has a double wick to ensure a clean even burn time of approximately 55 hours. It comes in a recycled glass jar that is simple and contemporary in design. It comes with a golden oak stained wooden lid which helps keep the dust out and the scent in. SHOP


P.F. Candle Co, No.21 Golden Coast Reed Diffuser




To escape the feeling of being insides, this magical diffuser comes in apothecary-inspired amber glass bottles with the brands signature kraft label and rattan reeds. Low-maintenance scent throw, no match necessary. SHOP


Join, Hedgerow Botanical Mist - Natural Room Spray




Spritz your way to the green life with Join's understated yet luxurious Hedgerow room mist. Carefully handcrafted from distilled water and aromatherapy essential oils, just one or two pumps of their natural room spray will refresh any atmosphere or linens. Vegan, Cruelty Free. SHOP



Please continue to support small businesses wherever and whenever you can during this difficult time. Thank you for all your continued support.

*In no way have we been endorsed or paid for this post - I purely love and support these brands.


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