Resident #4 Carla Llanos


Journeying through my personal passion for Mediterranean decor, art and colours I was fortunate enough to discover Carla Llanos @carlallanosillustrations. Born in Chile, Carla is a self taught artist creating beautiful prints inspired by fashion, interior design, cool powerful women, beautiful colours and interesting shapes. In this Resident episode - we discuss her background, passions, business, favourite colours and more. We also have a surprise giveaway to win the featured signed print, Sandstone nail polish and a gold ring set (enter via link at the bottom of the episode). Enjoy!


This week, we welcome Resident #4, Carla Llanos aka @carlallanosillustrations



Imagery and words by Carla Llanos


Tell us about yourself...


I am a Chilean artist based in UK. I met my English husband while doing a sky season in Andorra and after a very short time we married and decided to settle in the UK. We’ve lived in a few different countries including Chile since, but we always come back to UK (I love it here).





How did you get into painting?


I used to paint simple designs by hand on fabrics that I sewed into accessories. After a while doing that my need to create more elaborate designs inspired me to create patterns digitally in the hope I could then print them on fabrics. While doing this I started drawing on the iPad for fun and I really enjoyed the challenge. This is when I decided to take my business on a different path and started creating prints instead.



Carla wears Sandstone Nail polish


We love the simplicity of your site and the beautiful gallery on your social channels. How have you found building a brand from the ground up.


Thank you, even though the beginning was very difficult, creating a brand from the ground up has been very fulfilling. Learning absolutely everything as I go and being able play in many different creative ways has helped me find out more about myself than anything else I ever did in the past and to me this is where the beauty of the whole process is. The way I present my work is a major part of my creative process, just as making the artwork itself is, so this is a side of my business that I enjoy very much.



Carla wears Gold metal ring set


If you could only see three colours, which would they be and why?


Wow, this is so hard! Maybe beige, peach and a muted green because they they are so calming to me.





Original works by Carla Llanos

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BLOG IMAGES (1)-1-Aug-26-2020-09-22-27-97-AM


Which aspect of your job do you find the most difficult and why?


To me it has to be when a customer is unhappy. I am incredibly sensitive and feel things very deeply, so I find it hard to deal with this area. I work very hard to give my best so when something goes wrong I am too hard on myself sometimes.




Its the year 2049 - where do you see yourself, the brand and your work?


Living in the seaside, a studio in my backyard with windows as tall as the walls and the freedom to create anything that comes to mind. I see myself making one of a kind ceramic pieces, photography, something to do with fashion too, perhaps a clothes line? But it is hard to even know what I would be doing next year even, so I don’t know. All I know is that I am excited about it :).




You have a wonderful collection of products. Which is your favourite and are you working on anything new for the Autumn/Winter period?


Thank you! I think my favourite products would have to the prints, specifically the ones featuring a very minimalistic style. It can be hard sometimes not to add a million things to a piece so creating something simple yet beautiful is a challenge I enjoy very much.

I am working on something new at the moment that will hopefully be ready for the new season. 




Podium is all your's...


I say don’t be afraid to make mistakes, if something doesn’t work that’s fine move on, go and make the next thing. The joy you get while you are creating is the most important thing.




Thank you for having me xx



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Photography: Carla Llanos

Words: Carla Llanos

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