Resident #1 Holly Rebecca White


Introducing our brand new weekly series, Resident. In this new collaborative series, we invite creatives from across the globe to take centre stage and discuss a variety of topics, such as cultural movements, content creation, style, inspiration, and finally, learn more about the creative, behind the Resident.


This week, we welcome Resident #1, Holly Rebecca White.




Tell us about Holly Rebecca White?


I find it so hard to sum myself up in words sometimes! I would say I'm a bit of a daydreamer. I love seeing life through a romantics eyes and I tend to shoot a lot of my content that way! Overall, I'm just a 21 year old Northerner who loves to create and drink coffee. I love to have a laugh and be silly - life's too short!

 AWP Look 2 (1)-min

Photography by Holly Rebecca White


What have you learnt about yourself during lockdown?


I've definitely been using lockdown as some time for self-reflection. I feel like I've begun to find myself more, and have began to open up more of myself online again. I've certainly also found a lot of joy in noticing the small things in life, and I've realised that they're truly the things that make me happy!


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Mental Health is a big part of your social channels and blog. How did you begin to talk about mental health and in which ways has opening up about mental health helped?


Mental Health is a huge part of my life both online and offline. I had struggled with my mental health during my teen years and began blogging as a bit of an outlet. I noticed after a while that it not only helped me feel less alone with my problems, but it was also helping other people, which was amazing. Writing about mental health can be such a weight lifted off my shoulders, and it's nice to be able to express my emotions in a more creative way. 

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Holly wears Alina Earrings


Right now, during lockdown, focusing on our mental health is more important than ever - we've been thrown into a completely bizarre situation that we were totally not prepared for. During this time, I've found that taking joy in the little things is really helping my head to feel more calm and also allowing me to feel rested too, which I think we all need.


I've loved taking a walk each day and getting outside to see the world. I love listening to the birds chirping and escaping for a change of scenery. It's crazy how much going for a walk can clear your head and how much it can make you appreciate the simple things in life, like the blossom on the trees or how blue the sky is on a warm day. 

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I've also loved reading lately, especially sat in the garden, with a cup of coffee, in the sunshine. I've been reading 'The Insecure Girl's Handbook' by Olivia Purvis, which has great tips for handling anxieties and knocking that feeling of comparison that we can all find hard to shake sometimes. Podcasts and music are great to listen to too - they can really help to lift your mood and make you feel less alone when you're isolating. A couple of podcasts that I love are: Lindsey Holland & Lizzy Hadfeild's 'Things You Can't Ask Yer Mum' and Megan Gilbride's 'Listen Louder'. Both of these touch on so many different topics in a really fun, easy to listen to, way. They're my go-to's when I need a bit of a pick-me-up.


If you have been affected by quarantine, or to learn more about mental health awareness week, please follow this link


What are the challenges of being a Digital Creator in a very saturated market?


It can definitely be hard to be in this industry, especially nowadays, as it's such a huge worldwide community. It's difficult not to compare yourself to other people's work and successes - I think that's the biggest challenge. It's really hard to learn to trust yourself and the content you're making, but we're all unique and creating unique things and I think that's what we have to try and remember. 


AWP Look 2 (4)-min

Holly wears Betsy Studs


Tell us about your AWP SS20 selects and how have you chosen to style them?


First up, no outfit at all is complete without nail polish, so I picked out the gorgeous shade 'Clay'. I really wanted a neutral colour that would go with my style, but I love that this has a gorgeous 'sage' tone to it that just gives it that little bit of something extra!


AWP Look 2 (5)-min

I spotted the Alina Earrings and immediately couldn't resist the beautiful, abstract shape of them. I styled them up with a simple white shirt, some navy trousers and my (very old, but very trusty) trainers. I love this kind of off-duty, casual style and the way that the earrings dress the look up a bit. I also really love gold, navy and white together as a colour combination, so this look just worked perfectly for me!


AWP Look 1 (5)-min


AWP Look 1 (2)-min


I also picked out the Betsy Studs, as I really wanted some simple studs that would be easy to wear and looked super elegant. I styled these with a classic 'Me' look - the kind of thing I'd wear for a special occasion or if I simply fancied dressing up a bit. I grabbed for my favourite beige blazer and a simple white slip dress (I'd normally slide on some white heels too, but lockdown has meant that heels are a no-go!).


AWP Look 2 (3)-min

Holly wears Clay Nail Polish


(Cont)...I love how simple this look is and how it allows my gorgeous earrings to do the talking - I love a look which lets the accessories stand out!


Style tip...


My best style tip would be, start simple with neutral tones and build onto an outfit. Decide your base tones for your look, whether that be black and white or some navy and cream, then decide whether you're looking to create a casual or more 'put-together' outfit and work your accessories into that. I always prefer to jazz-up my more casual outfits with statement pieces and then keep my more 'put-together' looks more simple.

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Podium is all your's Holly…


To finish things off, I'd love to share with you one of my favourite poems by Eleanor Russell. 


AWP Look 1 (7)-min

I'm someone that doubts themselves constantly - worrying over absolutely everything - and I never stop to just think about how far I've come and how well I'm doing. These words always remind me that, no matter how I'm feeling, I am okay and I am worthy. I wanted to share them with you too, just incase anyone out there feels the same. 

"it is easy to believe

that you are not enough

but you cannot even comprehend

how enough you actually are."



Photography: Holly Rebecca White

Words: Holly Rebecca White

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