Navigate between seasons, seamlessly.


Pack the umbrella, or dress for a day at the beach? This time of the year is unpredictable and fast, meaning the inevitable choice of outfit and accessories is almost impossible to get right. To help prepare for the coming weeks I thought I'd share with you which accessories I will be wearing between seasons, to seamlessly navigate the transition and beyond.


By Kayleigh, AWP founder



Layer up


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Between seasons, layered designs invoke the feeling of warmth and still present enough shine to sparkle in the sun. Our gold Willa necklace is my personal go-to jewellery piece.


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It may seem too early to turn to your darker nail colours, however the darker the colour, the stronger the shine, meaning when the sun shines, the colour shines too.


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Button down


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When the clouds part, be ready to button down with a simple, short chain necklace.


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Stay organised


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Christmas arrives quicker than any other time of the year and the dreaded feeling to stay on top of everything is inevitable. Staying organised and ready can help everything fall into place. My Envelope Belt Bag in tan will be glued to my hip, carrying my phone, diary and things to-do list, from here on.


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Working with chunky outfits


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I love cosying up at home in the winter, but when visiting friends or heading to a market I like to compliment my chunky outfits with a simple statement necklace.


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Go-to earring set


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Finding the right earring to work with your basics and smarter autumnal wears is key. Because of this, Cecilia is my go-to piece right now.


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I also love...


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These were designed to style through summer and beyond. They add a different dimension to my wardrobe, elevating basics and complimenting my autumnal dresses.


Shop Aubrey earrings



Core colour


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Red is a core colour any season, especially autumn winter. I love to slowly integrate the colour into my transitional outfits and bespoke nail art.


Shop Red Earth



Usher in the new season

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The subtle hints of a deep forest, alongside the beautiful finish makes Fern a must for the next several months.


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