Nail art: How to tutorial


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Words and nail art by Meghan Mansfield / @megs_nails_los



Preparation is key -

Start your Abstract Art mani by creating the perfect canvas. Spending time on preparation will help guarantee a professional finish (I often spend around 30-40mins on this stage during an appointment). Firstly, gently push back your cuticle area using an orange stick or tool, this will maximise the length of the nail and create a nice smooth shape. Be gentle and do not push too hard. 


Pro tip - if you have dry, thick cuticle skin, apply oil frequently to see this improve and try gently pushing back the skin with your finger nails in the shower. Do not try to cut your ‘cuticles’ this area has delicate living tissue and incorrect removal can lead to infection, and make the area worse.


After cuticles, file your nails to shape. I like mine practical, short and round. Then buff over them to smooth your surface. Pay particular attention to your cuticle area and free edge (the white part of your nail), buffing over any uneven parts. Make sure you meticulously remove any dust and natural skin oils by using a non acetone nail polish remover over your nails. This will help the polish adhere- any dust can cause the polish to chip. 



First coat is the most important 

Apply a base coat- I have used a base coat in the video from Bio Sculptures Ethos treatment range - ‘Lavender base’ it is for weak nails and also gives a nice soft lilac shade to make the art pop against the negative space.




Pro tip- rest your hand on a table to steady yourself. 

Wait for adequate time before applying your first colour. Patience is key- if you rush you will end up smudging!



Now for the art

Once you are sure the base is dry, pick up a small amount of polish to create your first shape/colour area. I chose Sandstone as the perfect ground colour for the design.



Sandstone Nail Polish / Vegan, toxic & cruelty free


Float the brush over the nail with light pressure. Abstract nail art is fun, do not be precise about it and just have fun applying


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Pro tip- Do not overload the brush as this will take a long time to dry and the polish is pigmented enough to only need a little. 


Once your first art shape is dry, apply the second shape/coat. I chose Oat as this helps break the design up with the lighter colour. 



Oat Nail Polish / Vegan, toxic & cruelty free




Once this is dry, use a paint brush or fine detail nail brush to dip a small amount (I tend to take the polish from the brush stem to avoid over dipping the brush). I used the colour Fern as a dark colour to make the design pop.



Fern Nail Polish / Vegan, toxic & cruelty free




When you are confident the colours are all dry (I recommend waiting 10 mins if you have used little product) use a decent top coat to seal and glaze over the layers. I recommend Seche Vite top coat for a really quick drying time and giving a glassy look. 


Finishing Touches

Apply hand cream and cuticle oil, this will hydrate your nails and skin, leaving them smelling gorge, as well as concealing and softening any white dry skin around the nails. I recommend Navy’s cuticle balm- it smells incredible and the texture is great to work with. 




Reapply top coat every couple of days and remember to not use your nails as tools (opening cans, scratching etc) to maintain your masterpiece.





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