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I'm so excited to introduce you to our new beauty collection for autumn winter. When designing our new collection of vegan and non-toxic nail polishes, I firstly looked at the inclusion of classic autumnal shades, such as walnut, coffee and caramel. whilst considering new and interesting shades inspired by natural landscapes and deep, earthy tones. With this in mind, explore the collection full below.

We hope you love our new collection.



Terra. Colour Oceans. New minerals. Sensual.

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Roast. Morning rise. Salted burgundy. New realm.

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Palm. Desolate beach. Dream state. In no rush.

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Umber. True love. In the present. Rich quartz.

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Terrain. Wise tree. Fresh walnut. Rich coffee.

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Sakura. Wild lilac. Tropical waters. Olive family.

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Fudge. Caramel. Warmth. Early bark.

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Moth. Ambient. Dusty Pink. Low cloud.

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Ecru. Feather. Earthy shell. Tea cup.

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BLVD. Subtle horizon. Textured yolk. Dune.

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Revitalising Base Coat. Desolate beach. Dream state. In no rush.


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New this season, hydrating, nourishing and revitalising Base Coat. Our new formula includes five revitalising vitamins and five nourishing botanicals for strengthening and growth.

Vitamins: A, B5, C, E, F

Botanicals: Aloe, Lemon, Ginseng, Grape & Pomegranate



Super dry, high gloss Top Coat.


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New arrival this season, Super dry, high gloss Top Coat. Dries up to four coats of nail polish and leaves a high gloss shine.

- Contains Etocrylene – a UV inhibitor that prevents nail discolouration.
- Works as a protective sealer
- 10 free
- Drys quickly



Thank you for exploring our collection. Discover your favourite shade here


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