How to paint your nails: A step by step guide -

TITLE-4Step 1: Shape

Start by filing your nails into the desired shape. Make sure to take your time, as any changes after applying your Nail Polish can affect the finish.

Step 2: Clean

Next, clean your nails thoroughly, making sure to remove all creams or lotions, or polish from the nail bed. Leftover creams can cause the Nail Polish to crack.




Step 3: Buffer

Use a buffer to ensure your nail is looking shiny and consistent.

Step 4: Base coat

With a clear base coat, apply evenly to give your nails an even texture. Make sure to get this stage perfect, as an uneven texture can cause an uneven finish when applying your Nail Polish.




Step 5: First coat

Apply your new nail polish and allow to dry for up to twenty minutes. If you feel comfortable after ten minutes that the coat is dry, move on to Step 6: Second Coat.




Step 6: Second coat

Once coat one is dry and you're satisfied, paint evenly again for a fuller and vibrant colour finish.

Step 7: Top coat

Lastly, use a top coat to seal the polish. This will create a beautiful shine and a glossy appearance to the finish. 

I hope this step-by-step guide has offered some very simple tips that go a long way to achieving a near perfect manicure.  


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