How colour affects your mood

Uplifting inspiration
Bright, warms colours like Orange, Red and Pink have a warming, uplifting affect on your mood. The brighter the colour, the more optimistic you will feel. You can even try combining multiple primary and secondary colours together for a youthful, colour effect. animation-5Soothing outlook
If in 2020 you desire a calmer outlook on the future with a soothing mindset to get you there, colours such as green and purple can evoke a relaxing state of mind, helping you to stay on point and on track.SOOTHINGOptimistic future
Looking to be more optimistic in 2020? Warm colours such as red and purple often evoke feelings of happiness and energy. OPTIMISM-1Creative stimulation
Beyond the coffee, cold shower and long walk, look to blue, grey or pink to stimulate your creativity in 2020. These colours have been known to increase focus and efficiency. CREATIVE STIMULATION

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