Holiday Essentials Checklist

Choosing the correct holiday essentials can be equally just as hard as choosing the destination. With this in mind, we have curated a Holiday Essentials Checklist you can’t afford to leave behind. From the Book, the Bag, the Mag, the Skincare and the Jewels....

To carry, or not to Carry: The Bag Conundrum

Picture your first morning, you have a wonderful day at the beach planned. Sandals, sunglasses, book and suncream laid out on the bed. Now, ask yourself, do you have the perfect bag to compliment your needs? No holiday is complete without knowing you cracked the carry side of things. From beach to beach bar the new Eco White String Bag from A Weathered Penny is the stylish solution to all your carry problems. Made with 100% cotton, this lightweight bag is the ultimate holiday essential. Comes with handles for easy carrying and can be stowed away in small spaces. 

Day to Evening: Women's Jewellery


Ensuring your soon-to-be holiday glow is paired with the right design led jewellery is priority number 1. You'll want to make sure you shine at the beach and sparkle in the evening. Picture your scenario and go with the flow...Still stuck? These accessories have been hand chosen to cover all occasions. From the daytime Semi-Circle Necklace, to the Pendulum Necklace with it's evening sparkle we have your minimal jewellery needs covered. 
Beach to Pool Relaxation: A Good Page Turner
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The tradition of having a good page turner on holiday goes back longer than, well most traditions. Our current suggestion is The Nomad Magazine. A wonderfully designed magazine covering design, society and much more. Relax by the pool and be inspired with it's beautiful articles and stunning imagery...And hey look, it fits perfectly in our new Eco bag. 

Spare Time: Get Writing







































Always had stored away a novel that would change the world as we know it but never have the time to start inking it down? Well, your on holiday and some down time appears in your itinerary and you have nothing but that novel on your mind. Sounds like the ample opportunity to get writing. With our wide-range of beautifully design led notebooks by Studio of Basic Design, you'll not only be changing the world with your great novel, you'll be doing it in style.

After Sun, Before Cocktails: Hair & Skincare


After a day at the beach before heading to the evening bar make sure you hydrate and revitalise your hair and skin with our wonderful range of products from Herbivore Botanicals. Add naturally fragrant Sea Salt Hair Mist to beach hair and bring new life and beach volume to flat, uninspired locks. The essential oils of coconut and vanilla give off an exotic aroma. Also, hydrate dry skin with Jasmine Body Oil, a blend of pure, natural botanical oils that leave skin glowing and hydrated with an intoxicating floral scent. Your skincare should be a priority, don't leave it to the last minute.
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We hope your packing conundrum is now clearer than the clearest ocean. Enjoy your holiday folks and remember, always apply sun cream.

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