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So what does frames matter mean? When deciding on a title for this journal post, above all one element that stood out when examining the brilliant body of work featured below is each creators attention to every single frame. The use of the word 'frame' in the context of this journal post can also be translated into paint stroke, use of colour and composition. In this post, we feature five of our favourite creatives, all of whom know how to create what matters in their field of work and how best to capture it.
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Jim is one of my favourite photographers. During his career, Jim has struck a perfect balance in his framing when it comes to deciding just how much of one element to include in a shot, ensuring how much, or how little is finally left in frame, leaves us the viewer wondering, where do these elements lead too and what's happening beyond the edge of frame?
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His work has always left me wanting more and if you feel the same from these small snippets featured here from a long body of great work, head over to Jim's instagram for more @jimeyrejimeyrejimeyre
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I only very recently met Chloe in January of 2020 at a retail exhibition in London and I'm over the moon that she introduced herself to me. Her hand drawn/painted original work is so incredibly beautiful to look at.
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Chloe, by her own admission is at the beginning of her career, but even at these early stages I think it's safe to say her career will be long, successful and one to keep a close eye on. We will be featuring her work over on our stories very soon, in the meantime, head over to Instagram for more @clocollectionuk
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Thea has become my favourite 2020 photographer and visionary. Apparent throughout her uniquely crafted collection of work is a fascinating touch of minimalism mixed with a tactile approach. Beauty can be found in every pixel and her golden rule of only working with brands who have sustainable and ethical production is something to behold.
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Our enthusiasm for simplicity and modernism in everything we do as a brand can be seen in all her work and because of these two factors, we became instant admirers of her work. For a more in-depth look at her work, follow these links @thealovstad
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A Weathered Penny has been extremely fortunate enough in the past few years to have collaborated with Aga on many projects, creating campaign work, social write ups and more... From Poland, Aga for me at least, was and still is one of the most imaginative creatives sharing her work on Instagram and blog.
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Few create a trend, even less continue to peak, but Aga still rolls out creative gem after gem. Here's to hoping we collaborate more in the future. Check out Aga's work over on Instagram @agarolek
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Before Kirsty joined the A Weathered Penny team, her work had already caught my attention over on Instagram. I adore her work and love her ability to create something so simple which at the same time, says so much.
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Working part time on her collages, Kirsty takes commissions from across the world, capturing couples lives together, cute imaginative kids collages and even cards for the big day. I own and treasure a collage of my dog created by Kirsty (not featured above) and can't recommend her work enough for all your Birthday, Christmas or wedding gift needs. Take a further look here over on Instagram @_kb.___


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