Five ways to stay positive & mentally well at this time...


Before I share my list of five ways to stay positive and mentally well during this time of uncertainty, I would firstly like to say that we hope everyone is staying strong and taking all the proper precautions to remain safe during this time.

Everyone has been affected in one way or another as the world grapples with this global pandemic and it's important to try and stay healthy, remain positive and mentally well. With this in mind, here are my five things you and your family can do indoors when looking for ways to stay positive.


1. Discover new music 




Discovering new music is a perfect way to stay occupied and entertained. My recommendation - Mort Garson, 'Plantasia'. Mort is a Canadian composer and pioneer of electronic music. If you have plants in your house, try listening to his album 'Plantasia' - after all, Mort made the album back in the 70's for his plants to listen too and stay happy (Be prepared - the album is something like no other).

Listen here -


2. Stumble Upon




I survived many poor days and nights at university by spending my time on Stumble Upon. The website is simple and keeps boredom at bay, whilst introducing you to a whole new world of websites based on your interests. Simply select your hobbies and interests and hit go. Sorry if you get lost in the internet for hours...


3. Stay inspired and creative with Pinterest 


Screenshot 2020-03-15 at 10.23.00

Screenshot 2020-03-15 at 10.23.59


Staying creative and keeping the mind stimulated is very important at the best of times, but keeping the creative juices flowing whilst we are all under extreme stress and anxiety can help us deal with the current situation. Pinterest is the perfect corner of the internet to stay inspired. 

Follow this link to see our recent pins and more


4. Board Games (Hours of family fun!)




It might seem like a past time for some, but board games are a great way to keep spirits high. My family to this day play a variety of board games when together and yes there's a few competitive outbursts (I'm one of four strong headed children) but they always manage to keep us smiling.


5. Support small businesses 



At uncertain times like this, small businesses are struggling to keep their heads above water (us included) We can't always ask you to make a purchase or buy a gift card, but here are some ways in which you can help all the small businesses you love and care for on social -




For more guidance on the current situation -




A few more ways to spend your time -


- De-clutter and refocus your home.

- Donate any unwanted things in your home to those in more need (Please clean responsibly before donating).

- Explore our journal for tips on the perfect DIY manicure, or how to recycle our packaging

- Check on your neighbours, especially if they're older or vulnerable.

- Pick up the phone and chat with friends and loved ones.

- Consume only what you need, the news has the potential to elevate anxiety and cause us to make rash decisions.


Stay safe everyone. Wash your hands responsibly and stay calm. AWP team. xx

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