Five products we recommend to keep hands moisturised and homes clean


As we all continue to take the advice of health specialists by washing our hands repeatedly during this difficult time, most of us will be prone to very dry hands which can lead to cracked skin. Instead of looking to large businesses at a time where small businesses need every ounce of help they can get, I have put together a list of independent brands who I support, love and have purchased from in the past who make their own handmade products, perfect for keeping hands moisturised and homes clean. 


Join Vitamin Sea Vegan Soap Bar




Join's Vitamin Sea vegan soap bar is handcrafted in the UK. It is a triple milled blend of natural seaweed and shea butter. The invigorating seaweed has a fresh, salty fragrance and the 100% vegetable based shea butter leaves skin feeling moisturised. A substantial 200g bar wrapped in a minimal, monochrome recycled design, this soap is the perfect sustainable product for your kitchen sink or bathroom. SHOP


Austin Austin Palmarosa & Vetiver Hand Cream


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Made with extracts of plants, grasses, seaweed and algae to moisturise and protect. This hand cream is made without GM ingredients, SLS, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours or fragrances and is certified Organic and vegan. Top notes of marjoram. Middle notes of palmarosa & rosemary. Base notes of vetiver & lavender. SHOP


TGC206 Tulip Hand Cream


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TGC206 tulip is a perfumed organic hand cream — crafted with pure vegetable lipids. The fragrance smells like a freshly harvested bouquet of tulips: Still cool from outdoors, with close-fitting petals and watery stalks. The formula is created around a selection of vegetable ingredients ranging from shea butter, aloe vera leaf juice to rapeseed, and olive and coconut oils. Free from petroleum products, parabens and colour. Supplied in a convenient, 50 ml, glossy aluminium tube that is fully recyclable. SHOP


Join Eco-friendly Multi Surface Cleaner with Homegrown Rosemary


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Join's new eco friendly, non-toxic multi surface cleaner is a simple, effective blend of plant based ingredients with antibacterial qualities that will cleanse and refresh your home naturally.

Handcrafted with love in a 500ml glass refillable bottle, this natural cleaner will be right at home in your kitchen, utility or boot room! Glass refill with aluminium lid also available. SHOP


Earl of East Onsen Hand Balm


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Earl of East's Onsen hand balm is an uplifting blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and mandarin. Onsen is inspired by the hot springs of Japan and bathing in an Onsen is thought to cleanse both body and mind and allows for complete relaxation. This fresh and clean scent alludes to the calming a rejuvenating qualities of Japanese bathing, leaving you feeling relaxed and zen. SHOP


Please continue to support small businesses wherever and whenever you can during this difficult time. Thank you for all your continued support.

*In no way have we been endorsed or paid for this post - I purely love and support these brands.

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