Facial Shape: Define Your Purchases


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There are many crucial factors to consider when shopping for jewellery. From the event to the outfit, to your body shape and skin tone, there's plenty to consider before purchasing accessories. In addition to skin tone and hair colour, one factor you should strongly consider is your face shape.


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By now, you'll be wondering, which face shape do I have? Here is a common list of face shapes... Oval, Circular, Square, Rectangular, Pearl and Heart shaped. So, which facial shape do you have? 

In this journal post you'll discover which jewellery best suits you, making your next purchase better suited to you. There are no two exact face shapes, we're all unique, discover your's now.



Shape 1 | Round


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Round shaped faces are fairly straight forward. To balance the curves of a round face, look for jewellery with geometric shapes or necklaces which create a "V" or "Y" as these are the most flattering. Linear style earrings, or earrings that are nice and long can create the appearance of a longer face shape.


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Shape 2 | Pear


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The correct jewellery can balance this face shape so that the appearance of the forehead is wider, taking the eye away from the jaw line. Charms or necklaces with focal components such as curves can counter the strong angular characteristics of the jaw. This face shape looks great when the narrowest part of the earring is next to the jaw line.


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Shape 3 | Heart 


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With this face shape you'll want to balance the narrow chin by adding width at the jawline with wide earrings, as well as at the base of the neck with short necklaces. Teardrop shaped Earrings or chandelier styles are perfect, or anything with curved edges. Collar necklaces, short statement pieces or bold curves are really great options for this face shape.


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Shape 4 | Rectangular


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Thanks to the length to this face shape, the jewellery that is more complimentary are styles that add width (just like oval shapes!). Short necklaces that have a wide curve or circular pendants are great, and earrings such as studs or ear climbers work best but do try chandelier styles or teardrop shapes.


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Shape 5 | Square


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For square shape, you'll want to use curves and length to soften your face. Draw attention away from your neckline with large components that hang fairly low from the chin. Next time you shop for accessories, choose pendants with curved detailing. Avoid chokers and collar lengths as these styles look unflattering.


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Shape 6 | Oval


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Because oval face shapes are already long, wearing long necklaces and earrings will only accentuate the length. Instead, try looking for shorter necklaces that can add width, rectangle pendants and collars are a great option. For earrings, short to mid - length sizes are great, but anything that falls at your jaw or below with make your face appear longer than it is. Oval face shapes look great with ear climbers and studs because they add detail and width at the middle of your face, creating an illusion of a wider face.


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