Cassie Chung Reviews: Envelope Belt Bag


This week, we asked mum of three Cassie Chung to review our new Envelope Belt Bag. Cassie is a mother to three children and runs her own business, making her the perfect candidate to try out the bag and see if it really is the perfect accessory to compliment a hectic lifestyle. We asked Cassie to wear the bag for a week and tell us in short what she thought. Here's what she had to say -




As a Mum of three that's forever on the go I need a bag that's going to carry my everyday essentials without hassle and this envelope belt bag is just what I need for hands free shopping.




Ethically sourced Italian leather, the smell is divine and the bag so incredibly soft. My wardrobe is a pretty neutral palette so this bag will go with anything I wear on a day, whether that be over a hoodie and jeans or as the strap is detachable, with a dress as a clutch on an evening out. My cards, keys, phone, hand cream, lipstick and lip balms fit like a dream and it's been out on school runs, coffee dates and dog walks.




In the past I've had envelope bags from high street stores but they've always lacked in size and I love that this bag is handmade, the leather is carefully sourced and tanned with natural ingredients and even down to the AWP detailing on the front, you can see the thought that has been put into these bags.




I truly loved wearing this bag. The quality is not only apparent in the design, but in the way it feels to the touch. It's stylish, functional, beautifully designed and I know I'll be using this bag for years to come...




Learn more about Cassie Chung over on Instagram - @casschung



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