Black Lives Matter



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It feels wrong to sit here in silence. We can’t be silent about something so important.⁣

A Weathered Penny stands in solidarity with everyone affected (not just at this time, but always).⁣⁣
We stand side by side with everyone in the belief that doing everything we can within our power is how we can make a real difference.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
No matter how big or small, we should all use our voices and platforms in anyway we can to make a change. Continue to speak out and put an end to all forms of racism.⁣⁣

Standing up and speaking out is just the first step.⁣⁣

In this journal post we have put together some very useful resources. These include information on petitions to sign, groups to support, important literature and places to donate.

In addition to the our continuing efforts to support the cause and educate ourselves, we will be donating to several charities this week.⁣⁣

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Words by Allison Sadler | @allison_sadler_


Petitions (Follow the links)


Raise the degree |

Justice for George Floyd (1) |

Justice for George Floyd (2) |

#justiceforgeorgefloyd |

Police De-escalation training, Now |

Justice for Breonna Taylor |

Justice for Ahmuad Arbery |

Justice for Sean |

Classify White Supremacist Groups as Domestic Terrorist Organisations |

Battle Racism by Updating GCSE Reading Lists |


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Layla Saad - Me and White Supremacy (See Here)

Robin Diangelo - White Fragility (See Here)

Reni Eddo-Lodge - Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People about Racism (See Here)

Ibram X. Kendi - How to Be an Antiracist (See Here)

Angela Davis - Freedom is a Constant Struggle (See Here)

IjeomaOluo - So You Want to Talk About Race (See Here)


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Words by @leifshop


Places to donate (Local, international and support schemes - Follow the links) 


Official George Floyd Memorial Fund |

Black Lives Matter Global Network |

Minnesota Freedom Fund |

Black Visions Collective |

Campaign Zero |

Unicorn Riot |


To Fight Racism in the UK |

Reclaim the Block |

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Enough is enough. Please continue to donate where possible, educate always and share resources.

If you know of any further petitions, literature or places to donate, please use the comment section below. Thank you.


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