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The fashion industry is responsible for around 10 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. So any way to get inspired by the clothes you already have instead of buying more, is a great way to reduce your environmental impact. It will also allow you to save money and get creative - why not make a pledge to wear everything in your wardrobe at least 30 times? The bonus is that with simple accessories, you can add a level of personality and uniqueness to your style, transforming the most basic and everyday outfits.


So what accessories should you go for and how can you get the most out of them? Below, you can find 4 suggestions from the London based brand A Weathered Penny, founded by Kayleigh Carter.


Words by Alice Vinardi



What's exciting about nail polish is that it's a straightforward, affordable way to elevate your outfit. The nail polishes from A Weathered Penny are toxic-free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly.


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Oat Nail Polish


This nude colour looks gorgeous on everyone who tries it and the opaque finish will make your nails pop with a block of this beautiful on-trend nude colour.


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Kayleigh founded A Weathered Penny with the vision of creating a space for young creatives to show and share their creativity and passion for design-led fashion and lifestyle.


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Silver Orla Studs


These nickel-free sterling silver plated earrings will instantly elevate your wardrobe staples and are a must for this summer. Pair it with your favourite neutrals for a gorgeous day to night look.




What is the best way to accessorise minimal outfits if not wearing rings?! This two gold ring set comes with an elevated white stone charm, which will instantly give your outfit a more sophisticated look.


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Gold Stone Ring Set / worn by @basicstouch


They can be worn all on one finger or one at a time for a simpler look. Moreover, the rings are also packaged in a luxury linen gift bag, which really makes you feel special and is the perfect place to keep them safe when not worn.


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Every product ‘A Weathered Penny’ creates is always carefully considered in terms of sustainable materials and style, as well as being uniquely modern like these statement earrings.


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The Alexa earrings are handmade from eco-friendly resin and nickel-free 18k gold plating. They are a gorgeous addition to your jewellery collection or a special gift to the one you love.


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Alexa Earrings in Russet



Remember that you don't need to spend a lot of money to freshen up your favourite clothes, but the key is to look for a good piece of design that will last a long time and cater to a variety of outfits and occasions. The products from A Weathered Penny definitely meet these needs, as well as offering a service of jewellery care.


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Nova Earrings in Gold


Their collection with a minimalist aesthetic is designed to fit with your style; their materials are carefully sourced with ethics and eco-friendly qualities in mind, but they can't be found in your typical high-street store. In an industry built on child labor, exploitation and unsafe working conditions, supporting ethical small businesses like A Weathered Penny rather than big brands will not only benefit local communities but also contribute to a broader change.


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Vegan friendly nail polish / Sandstone, Cactus, Oat, Cinder, Dust



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