Abstract nail art tutorial by @heartzeena

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Artwork and imagery by Zeena Shah


Whether you're an expert looking for inspiration, a beginner, or searching for a new weekend hobby, we have partnered with the fabulous Zeena Shah (@heartzeena) to bring you a step-by-step tutorial to abstract nail art. Featuring five individual designs, follow Zeena's guide, have fun and be creative.



You will need;

- Nail polish - In this tutorial, I used three complimentary shades from A Weathered Penny

- Base coat & top coat

- A Dotting Stick (A bobby pin or head of a pin works great too)

- Nail polish remover

- Paper tape (or similar)



- Nail file

- Buffer

- Hand cream



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Featured nail shades | Sandstone, Dust & Oat


I’ve created 5 individual designs across my nail art to inspire you. You could just choose one or mix two together and if you’re feeling bold - go for all 5 designs.

Preparation is everything! Remove any existing nail polish using nail polish remover. File and buff your nails, I like to give mine a gentle oval shape.


Step 1:

Paint your nails with a base coat. I like to use a base coat, as it gives the rest of my nail art a great starting layer, which means the nail art tends to look smoother and more even.


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Step 2:

Starting with the most neutral shade Oat, I’ve painted one full nail and I will just add accents to the remaining nails, leaving some negative space for my other designs. 


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Step 3:

I’ve used my handy dotting stick to add a dot detail to the Oat with Dust and then Sandstone across the rest of my nails.


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I’ve used some paper tape to mask my geometric shapes on my nails. This helps make lovely clean shapes and designs.


Step 4:

Make sure the base coat is thoroughly dry, then smooth on the tape to form a triangle or another geometric shape. Then carefully brush the nail polish across the shape. Be mindful not to apply too much to avoid any slipping underneath the tape.

Wait for the polish to dry before you remove the tape.


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Step 5:

For a less perfect edge and a more natural look, use just the brush to create blocks and lines. Twist the brush on its side and swipe across the nail bed.


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Once your nails are dry apply a top coat to prolong your beautiful art!


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Good luck with your own designs and don't forget to share your nail art on social and tag @aweatheredpenny and @heartzeena.


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Words, artwork and imagery:

Zeena Shah @heartzeena

Featured nail shades:

Sandstone, Dust & Oat



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