8 inspirational Instagram accounts to follow right now


Discovering fresh sources of inspiration is central to any creatives journey. Alongside Pinterest, Instagram now delivers so much more than just images to share with friends and content to double tap. There's an abundance of inspiration and artistry from all four corners of the world to digest and help boost your own creative juices. Here are eight inspirational Instagram accounts to follow right now.




IG AWP Women-1-1

Award-winning magazine and production company Ignant elevate modern artistry to a new and exciting level. Their curated feed and especially their original works are brimming with the highest level of quality and creativity, which everyone can draw inspiration from. 


Be inspired, see more from @ignant here



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Having had the pleasure of working with the team at 0.5 for a giveaway last year allowed me to discover a brand I have fallen in love with. Visually, 0.5 convey the brands ethos and aesthetic, with no additional noise required. Their products are made from up-cycled dead stock fabrics and the colour palette is beautiful. A must to discover..


Be inspired, see more from @0.5studio here



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For anyone with a passion, or interest for modern architecture and objects, Maison_de_sable is a MUST account to discover. I can only apologise now if you get lost for many hours exploring their works, but I assure you those hours will not be lost in the long run, as the inspiration is timeless and off the richter.


Be inspired, see more from @maison_de_sable here



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When I discovered Carla's illustrations earlier this year, I discovered my favourite illustrations of 2020. The breadth of designs never waiver in their uniqueness and the colours (Can you tell I'm colour obsessed?) are a beautiful blend of a Spanish revival homes in California and dusk during the early Summer months. 


Be inspired, see more from @carlallanisillustrations here



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Cedar create candles and diffusers for the home, but what continues to inspire me is the brands modern, highly considered array of images shared on their social channels. The majority of industries have become considerably saturated in the past few years and respectfully standing above your competitors is more important than ever. Cedar take this challenge in their stride and continue to produce beautiful content for their community. 


Be inspired, see more from @cedarlifestyle here



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Back in 2014, my husband and I were fortunate enough to spend two weeks in Bali and ever since, we have dreamt of returning to this incomparable world. Until that time arrives, I find myself taken back to the island through the works of Patty Searle. Her account showcases the beautiful vistas, quiet corners, jungles and luxury locations across the island. I can almost taste the food, experience the culture and capture the scent of the island once again.


Be inspired, see more from @patty_searle here



IG AWP Women (6)-1

Copenhagen based brand Aure Studio only very recently appeared in my feed and I'm so glad they did. I love when a brand creating modern products understands that simple shouldn't be straight forward and basic shouldn't be bland


Be inspired, see more from @aurestudio here



IG AWP Women-1-3


Celebrating an array of African creatives, businesses, models and products - @mybeautifulafrica_ has curated a distinctively beautiful space - for everyone to browse. Because the feed showcases a vast landscape of visual arts, there is plenty to be inspired by. 


Be inspired, see more from @mybeautifulafrica_ here


Please continue to support small businesses wherever and whenever you can during this difficult time. Thank you for all your continued support.


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