5 Festival Accessories Tips

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With social media conducting everyone's summer, festivals have become more about what you wear, than which acts you see. With this in mind, we have collated the top 5 SS18 festival accessories tips, for all weathers and festivals alike...Just don't forget the sunscreen.




When day breaks and the music levels begin to rise, you'll need to make sure your accessories compliment your morning ahead. A typical festival morning looks a little something like this... A slow stroll for coffee, followed by a sit down breakfast, then you'll be looking to see whose playing first. All the while you're a little hungover, but wanting to look your best. So have something special to prop up that hangover feeling and look your best. We recommend a strong set of on-trend earrings.




Festivals are all about dressing down and stripping back to basics. White T's and shorts or a relaxing, floaty dress are the typical go-tos. With your basics taking care of comfort, you'll need something to elevate those basics. This season, earrings have become the new elevating essential. Bigger is better and the more variety in material and colours, will elevate those basics all day long.




In exhausting Coachella heat, bustling Bestival crowds and muddy Glastonbury paths, it's wise to arrange your festival essentials carefully, in one place. String Bags have become this seasons must-have bag. The tote bag's popularity is due to it's eco friendly materials and versatility, making it the ideal bag for your festival essentials.


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With your picture being taken every 15 seconds, you'll want to look your best on social. This means having a key piece or two, ready to please your online crowd. A simple, dynamic designed necklace can make any jumpsuit or basic wears pop, when you say 'cheese'.




When the sun comes out, we all fall victim to sweaty palms and expanding fingers, so making sure your ring choice is ready for the heat, is key to a great festival. Keep your rings loose and not too thick around the finger. 

- Follow these tips for a stylish festival weekend and seriously, sunscreen people. Happy Festival season everyone.


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